ACLU of Arkansas case Robinson v Payton

July 9, 2013

Robinson Family statements

Matthew Robinson:

This all started when I was walking our family dog with my mom next to our house. It has changed the way I view police. I used to think they always tried to help people, but now I every time I see a police or a taser, I am scared what happened to us will happen to me again or even worse somebody else. One of the officers involved testified he would act the same and do the same thing he had done that night. I believe something needs done so this does not happen again.

Eva Robinson:

I am here today because my son and I were treated so poorly by police officers in our home town. I do not feel safe when I see officers patrolling in my neighborhood. What happened to our family has been very difficult and I hope changes can be made so that my family and other families do not have to endure such bad encounters with police.

Ronald Robinson:

What happened to our family should never have happened. We went to the proper places seeking justice but in this case, justice did not prevail. The system failed! The system needs to be changed so that people who have been treated wrong by police can go somewhere other than the police to have their complaints investigated.