Arkansans have three ways to vote in 2020:
  1. Absentee by mail 
    Request your ballot now
  2. Early in-person
    October 19 – November 2
  3. In-person on Election Day  
    Confirm your polling place
  • Last day to register: October 5, 2020
  • Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot: October 27, 2020
  • Deadline to Return Absentee Ballot: In-person: November 2, 2020 / By mail or email: October 27, 2020
  • Early voting: October 19 – November 2, 2020
  • Election Day: November 3, 2020 
  • Check your voter registration status. 
  • Request your mail in ballot or locate your polling place in advance.
  • Have photo ID. If you have a government photo ID, bring it to the polls or send a copy with your absentee ballot. If you don’t, you can still vote! Just get a free ID from your county clerk or cast a provisional ballot. 
  • Save the Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) or Spanish 479-763-2822
  • If your ballot doesn’t seem right, flag it for a poll worker before you cast it. 

Can I vote absentee by mail?
All voters in Arkansas may vote by mail using an absentee ballot if the voter will be unavoidably absent from the polls on Election Day. This includes voters who have health concerns for themselves or others due to COVID-19. To receive an absentee ballot, request one from your County Clerk in the county where you are registered to vote. You may also download an absentee ballot application on the Arkansas Secretary of State's website.

Is ID required to vote?
  • YES. Arkansas poll workers will be required to request that voters present a photo ID card. This ID must show the voter’s name and photo, and must be issued by either the state or federal government. A free voter verification card is available through the Secretary of State’s office or your county clerk for any voter who does not have another ID valid for voting.
  • If you cannot show ID, you can still cast a provisional ballot that should still count unless there is some non-voter ID reason not to count the ballot.
  • The ID card must not be expired for more than four (4) years on election day. IDs that meet the requirements include a driver’s license, a photo identification card, a concealed carry handgun permit, a U.S. Passport, a student ID or employee badge from an accredited postsecondary institution, a military ID, a voter verification card, or a public assistance ID that shows a photo of the cardholder.
    NOTE: Absentee voters can sign the voter’s statement swearing you are the voter and the ballot will satisfy the ID law.
What if I’m not on the voter list? 
  • Confirm with the poll worker that you’re at the right polling place. They will ask for your address and date of birth to verify with the county clerk that you’re a registered voter in that precinct. 
  • If you’re at the right polling place but the worker cannot confirm your information, you can cast a provisional ballot.  
What if my name differs from the precinct voter registration list?
  • You must complete a voter registration form to update your county voter registration records, but you should be allowed to vote.
What if someone challenges my right to vote?
  • Assert your right! If you cannot persuade the poll workers to accept your vote and you are voting early, you can leave and seek assistance or cast a provisional ballot. If it is Election Day, you can seek help and/or cast a provisional ballot. Election officials will rule on your ballot and determine whether to count your vote.
You can check your registration status by contacting your county clerk ( or by accessing Arkansas voter view at:
Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) 
Español: 479-763-2822