LITTLE ROCK -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas executive director, Holly Dickson issued the following statement in response to the Arkansas midterm elections.

“Arkansans sent a clear message against the extreme intrusion of politicians in our civil rights and rejected many politicians' knee-jerk reactions to complex problems.  With some votes remaining to be reported, it appears that Arkansas voters prevented Issue 3, what would have been among the most extreme religious freedom amendments, from becoming law. 

“Arkansans also opposed additional funding to jails in Washington, Benton and Madison counties, which would have poured tax payer dollars into incarcerating more individuals. People across the political spectrum want an approach to the criminal legal system that is smart on crime, fair, and works for all of us. Some politicians want to exploit concerns about safety to undermine proven, evidence-based policies that would address these very concerns. 

“And, Arkansans rejected Issues 1 and 2 which would have given even more power to the legislature. Issue 1 would have allowed the legislature to call themselves into session and Issue 2 would have made it more difficult for the majority of Arkansans to approve our own ballot initiatives than it would be for us to approve legislative ballot initiatives. We, the people, showed up for the elections and the ACLU of Arkansas will continue working with and for our fellow Arkansans to protect the civil rights and liberties of everyone in our state.”