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This year, Arkansas has a once-in-a-decade responsibility to draw district lines, based on data gathered in the Census, that will shape who represents us in Congress and the legislature.

The district maps that get drawn in the days and months ahead will determine if and how Arkansans' political voice is heard in our government for the next 10 years.

"Communities of color, in particular, have faced numerous obstacles to meaningful participation in the political process, including the redistricting process."   

When district maps are drawn fairly, we are able to elect legislators who represent our values – and fire the ones who do not. But too often and in too many places, many politicians have abused the districting process to manipulate the outcome of elections. They've rigged the maps to make it so they don't have to listen to their constituents -- a process called gerrymandering.

We believe that voting districts should amplify voters' voices, not silence them. Representative maps are fundamental to ensure that every vote counts, and serve as the foundation of systemic equality for Black and Brown residents. This year we'll be demanding a transparent and fair redistricting process that ensures every Arkansan is represented equally.

Ensuring unbiased districting shouldn't be about partisan politics, it should be about fairness. In a democracy, voters should choose their representatives, and every vote should count equally.  We'll be working hard throughout this process to ensure both these things are true and that our state maps more fairly represent every Arkansan.

We're committed to teaching you all you need to know as quickly as possible because this fight is going to take all of us. Will you join us?