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  1. Federal Court Temporarily Blocks Arkansas Abortion Ban

    July 3, 2013News updateReproductive Rights, Womens' Rights
  2. Federal Court Strikes Down Arkansas Abortion Ban

    March 14, 2014News updateReproductive Rights
  3. Order striking down Arkansas' 12 week abortion ban

    March 14, 2014News updateReproductive Rights
  4. Bill Gives People and Businesses Right to Use Religion to Discriminate

    February 9, 2015News updateHIV/AIDS, LGBTQ Rights, Free Speech, Womens' Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Religion & Belief, Reproductive Rights
  5. 8th Circuit denies state's request in Planned Parenthood case

    March 9, 2016News updateReproductive Rights
  6. Arkansas Court Protects Care at Planned Parenthood

    September 29, 2016News updateReproductive Rights
  7. Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Abortion Restrictions

    July 29, 2017Press releaseReproductive Rights
  8. Federal District Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Challenge to Discriminatory Abortion Clinic Restrictions

    August 10, 2017Press releaseReproductive Rights
  9. Planned Parenthood of Great Plains V. Gillespie: Denial of Medicaid Funding

    September 11, 2015CaseWomens' Rights, Reproductive Rights
  10. 63 New Reasons Abortion Rights Are at Risk

    January 30, 2018News updateReproductive Rights