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  1. Bill Gives People and Businesses Right to Use Religion to Discriminate

    February 9, 2015News updateHIV/AIDS, LGBT Rights, Free Speech, Womens' Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Religion & Belief, Reproductive Rights
  2. Bill Encourages Proselytizing in the Schools

    February 9, 2015News updateReligion & Belief
  3. Governor Asa Hutchinson Signs Better, but Still Flawed RFRA

    April 3, 2015News updateReligion & Belief, LGBT Rights
  4. Executive Director Rita Sklar Responds to Governor Hutchinson’s Threat to Withold Funding for Resettling Syrian Refugees in Arkansas

    December 2, 2015News updateImmigrants' Rights, Religion & Belief
  5. ACLU Reminds Superintendents of Duty to Protect Students from Bullying

    November 15, 2016News updateImmigrants' Rights, Racial Justice, Religion & Belief, Students' Rights
  6. Arkansas Officials Are Promoting Their Own Personal Religious Beliefs at the Expense of their Constituents’ Constitutional Rights

    May 24, 2018News updateReligion & Belief