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  1. Martin v. Kohls: Voter ID

    April 16, 2014CaseVoting Rights
  2. Cave v. Martin

    May 23, 2018CaseReligion & Belief
  3. Cole v. Arkansas: LGBTQ Equality in Parenting

    April 16, 2010CaseLGBTQ Rights, Equal Rights
  4. Victory: Dilbeck v Clark / Rodgers v Hot Springs

    June 28, 2017CaseFree Speech
  5. Fayetteville, Arkansas Ordinance: LGBT Equality

    October 24, 2016CaseLGBTQ Rights, Equal Rights
  6. Victory: Rodgers v. Bryant

    August 8, 2017CaseFree Speech
  7. Planned Parenthood Great Plains and Little Rock Family Planning Services v. Smith

    June 20, 2017CaseReproductive Rights
  8. Hopkins v. Jegley: Abortion Restrictions

    June 20, 2017CaseReproductive Rights
  9. VICTORY: Arkansas Times LP v Waldrip

    December 11, 2018CaseFree Speech
  10. Frazier v. Kelley

    April 24, 2020CaseRacial Justice, Prisoners' Rights