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  1. Spencer v. Martin: Ballot Access

    October 10, 2013CaseFree Speech
  2. Edwards v. Beck: Reproductive Rights

    July 10, 2014CaseReproductive Rights, Womens' Rights
  3. Nathaniel Smith v. Wright: Marriage Equality

    July 15, 2014CaseLGBTQ Rights
  4. Dawson v. H & H: Employment Discrimination on account of Gender Identity

    September 29, 2014CaseLGBTQ Rights
  5. Robinson v. Payton: Police Abuse

    April 21, 2014CaseCriminal Justice, Equal Rights
  6. Smith v. Pavan: Birth Records for Children of Same-Sex Couples Pre-Marriage

    December 1, 2016CaseLGBTQ Rights, Equal Rights
  7. Rodgers v. Bryant: the Right to Beg

    October 26, 2016CaseFree Speech
  8. Dade v. City of Sherwood

    November 14, 2017CaseCriminal Justice, Equal Rights
  9. Planned Parenthood of Great Plains V. Gillespie: Denial of Medicaid Funding

    September 11, 2015CaseWomens' Rights, Reproductive Rights
  10. Purdom v. Morgan: Criminalizing the Failure to Vacate

    July 8, 2016CaseCriminal Justice