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  1. Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Parenting Ban As Contrary To Children’s Welfare

    April 7, 2011Press releaseReproductive Rights, LGBTQ Rights
  2. ACLU of Arkansas to Defend Women and Families at the State House This Week

    February 4, 2013Press releaseWomens' Rights, Reproductive Rights
  3. ACLU Statement on Arkansas Senate Passage of Most Restrictive Abortion Law in the Country

    February 28, 2013Press releaseReproductive Rights
  4. Complaint for Edwards v. Beck: 12 Week Abortion Ban

    April 16, 2013Press releaseReproductive Rights, Womens' Rights
  5. Federal Court Temporarily Blocks Arkansas Abortion Ban

    July 3, 2013Press releaseReproductive Rights, Womens' Rights
  6. Federal Court Strikes Down Arkansas Abortion Ban

    March 14, 2014Press releaseReproductive Rights
  7. Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Abortion Restrictions

    July 29, 2017Press releaseReproductive Rights
  8. Federal District Court to Hear Oral Arguments in Challenge to Discriminatory Abortion Clinic Restrictions

    August 10, 2017Press releaseReproductive Rights
  9. ACLU to Appeal Citations Against Abortion Clinics

    November 26, 2018Press releaseReproductive Rights
  10. ACLU Arkansas Statement on Abortion Ban Passed by General Assembly

    February 14, 2019Press releaseReproductive Rights