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  1. Spencer v. Martin: Ballot Access

    October 10, 2013CaseFree Speech
  2. NYCLU Report from OWS Anniversary Protests

    September 19, 2012Press releaseFree Speech
  3. FOIA Documents Show FBI Was Watching Occupy Protestors, Some Docs Still Secret on National Security Grounds

    September 17, 2012Press releaseFree Speech, Technology and Freedom
  4. ACLU of Arkansas Lauds Valley View School District Decision Not to Ban Book, The Kite Runner

    January 12, 2012Press releaseFree Speech, Religion & Belief
  5. ACLU Demands That Two Public School Districts in Little Rock Stop Censoring LGBT Websites

    May 10, 2012Press releaseTechnology and Freedom, LGBTQ Rights, Free Speech
  6. WCSD 8th circuit victory

    September 2, 2008Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU of Arkansas Demand Leads North Little Rock to Change Prayer Policy

    July 22, 2010Press releaseFree Speech, Religion & Belief
  8. ACLU Sues Arkansas Secretary Of State For Banning Winter Solstice Display From Capitol Grounds

    December 10, 2009Press releaseFree Speech, Religion & Belief
  9. Letter to Mayor J.F. Valley

    August 8, 2008Press releaseFree Speech
  10. ACLU Warns Mayor of Helena-West Helena Adult Curfew Not Kosher

    August 8, 2008Press releaseFree Speech