LITTLE ROCK – The ACLU of Arkansas today released the following statement regarding Governor Hutchinson’s decision to sign Senate Bill 354, which bans transgender girls from participating in school sports.

“This law is a discriminatory and shameful attempt by politicians to stigmatize and exclude transgender teens,” said Holly Dickson, ACLU of Arkansas executive director. “This law won't do anything to support girls or women in sports – in fact Senate Bill 354 and other bills like it will have the opposite effect, by targeting transgender girls and stopping them from participating in school sports with their peers. But we know this bill isn’t really about sports. Just like every other anti-trans piece of legislation, Senate Bill 354 is all about banishing and erasing transgender people from public spaces – and we won’t stand for it. The ACLU of Arkansas will continue to fight in solidarity with our transgender community and all those battling this onslaught of discriminatory legislation.”