The 2021 legislative session is in full swing and, as we expected, attacks on reproductive rights are topping the agenda.

In addition to a brazen attempt to ban abortion outright, Arkansas politicians continue to devise new and demeaning ways to push abortion care out of reach. The misleadingly-named "Every Mom Matters Act" (HB 1195) is just the latest example of an attack on abortion rights, masquerading as an effort to protect women's health.

HB 1195 would ban abortion care unless the patient had first received irrelevant and intrusive information – likely from biased entities opposed to abortion. While it's being billed as an innocuous effort to set up an informational hotline, the truth is that this is another assault on abortion access from politicians intent on banning abortion entirely. 

Here's what you need to know: 

  • HB 1195 is Unnecessary: Every state requires that a patient consent before undergoing any medical treatment and that the consent be “informed.” This bill would add yet another layer of needless bureaucracy between Arkansans and the reproductive health services they need.
  • HB 1195 is Harmful: This bill would force people seeking care to endure additional delays – requiring them to jump through more bureaucratic hoops and putting government agencies and contractors between Arkansans and their doctors.
  • HB 1195 is Demeaning: This bill isn’t about protecting the life or health of any Arkansan – it’s about making it even harder for people to make their own personal medical decisions. Once again, some politicians – who don’t think Arkansans can be trusted to make their own decisions about their health – are trying to impose more onerous and demeaning restrictions and ultimately block people from care.

Make sure your representatives know where you stand, and that you see this bill for what it is: another attempt to shame women, intrude on people's personal medical decisions, and push abortion care further out of reach.

If Arkansas legislators truly want every mom to matter, and protect the health and human rights of everyone in Arkansas, they should vote "no" on HB 1195.