We knew the attack on voting rights was coming, and now it’s here.

Arkansas legislators are pushing forward a bill that would make it harder for people to vote, and we’re running out of time to stop them. 

House Bill 1112 would make Arkansas’s harmful voter ID law even more restrictive, and further block access to the polls – especially for voters of color and voters who are elderly or low-income. 

Here’s how it works.

Right now, if a voter doesn’t have a photo ID (and many Arkansans don’t), they can still sign a sworn statement attesting to their identity and then cast a provisional ballot. HB1112 would take away that option, making it impossible for people to vote without a photo ID.

No one has identified any Arkansas voter alleged to have done anything unlawful by voting or trying to vote without a photo ID, yet some Arkansas politicians are trying to make the state’s voter ID law – which has already disenfranchised thousands of Arkansans – even worse. 

HB1112 would make it harder for eligible voters to make their voices heard. 

We can’t let that happen. For our elections to be truly free and fair, every eligible voter must have equal access to the ballot.