In a year when our right to vote and access to the ballot is under attack, defending our democracy will take all of us.

That is why we are proud to be launching the Arkansas Voter Protection Project, a grassroots effort to advance and defend the rights of every voter.

The Arkansas Voter Protection Project will work to educate voters on their rights to and at the ballot, protect Arkansans from any attempts to suppress their votes, and ensure we have an election where all voters' voices are heard. 

The campaign will prioritize outreach to communities and populations whose voting rights are most at risk, including people of color and communities; those who are jailed awaiting trial or have completed a prior criminal conviction; young people on college campuses; and people experiencing homelessness. 

Through phone banking and other outreach, Arkansas Voter Protection Project volunteers will work to strengthen our democracy, increase voter participation, and hold elected officials accountable for ensuring every eligible voter can make their voice heard – without putting their health at risk. 

We need everyone with us to help spread the word and fight these attacks on our voting rights. Volunteer to join the Arkansas Voter Protection Project today. 

Together, we can ensure every eligible voter can vote and have their voice heard at the ballot.