We won't sugarcoat it: the Arkansas legislative session has gone from bad to worse.

Legislators were already trying to ban abortion and roll back voting rights, and now they've launched an all-out assault on one of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in our state: transgender youth.

House Bill 1570 would prohibit doctors from providing medically necessary health care for transgender teenagers. This would block young people from essential care and take away parents' rights to make decisions about their children's care.

This attempt to bully and stigmatize vulnerable young people is beyond discriminatory: it's hateful and cruel, and we won't stand for it.

Unfortunately, the attacks on transgender Arkansans don't end there. Some Arkansas legislators, along with Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, are trying to exclude transgender students from school sports, allow wide-ranging refusals of health care for almost any reason, and allow people to use religion as an excuse to discriminate.

Legislators claim these measures are needed to protect Arkansans – but we know the truth: these bills will do nothing but inflict further harm on an already-vulnerable group.

Please take action now, and then take the next step by telling your friends and neighbors to do the same. Fighting this anti-LGBTQ assault will take all of us.