This is a new low. Arkansas legislators are rushing through an extreme measure that would criminalize abortion in Arkansas – and they’re misusing the legacy of slavery to do it.
Senate Bill 149, introduced by state Sen. Jason Rapert, equates a woman’s right to abortion with the country’s shameful history of enslavement and the systematic oppression of Black Americans. According to the bill, the U.S. Supreme Court committed "grave injustice and a crime against humanity" when it decided Roe v. Wade.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Denying a woman the ability to control her own body is antithetical to the concept of equality. But that didn't stop the drafters of this bill from comparing Roe v. Wade to the Supreme Court’s infamous decisions in Dred Scott and Plessy v. Ferguson.  
This is deeply offensive and wrong.
As an organization that has spent the last 50 years fighting for racial justice and equality, we are appalled that Arkansas legislators are stealing the rhetoric of civil rights to shame women and advance their extreme anti-abortion agenda.