Twelve months ago, none of us could have predicted what 2020 had in store: a global pandemic, the largest protest movement in American history, and a history-making election where our democracy withstood unprecedented attacks.

Here in Arkansas, we worked to protect vulnerable people in state custody from contracting COVID-19 and hold the Hutchinson administration accountable for its callous disregard for human life. We sued to protect access to abortion, and demanded an end to the epidemic of police violence in our communities. And during an election when too many voters were forced to choose between casting a ballot and protecting their health, our election protection efforts reached Arkansans in every county in the state. 

2020 tested our resolve and magnified the injustices that have plagued our country for centuries. But it also demonstrated our strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Next year the Arkansas Legislature will return to session, and we know that our civil liberties and civil rights will again be under attack. But thanks to you, we’ll be ready. 

Looking ahead, we are more committed than ever to confronting injustice, advancing equality, and daring to create a more perfect union for everyone. 

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