You don't have to be a professional to advocate effectively for civil rights and civil liberties in Arkansas. In fact, your input as a constituent can be more persuasive than high-powered lobbyists or donors. Everyone has the right and responsibility to participate in government. This guide will give you the tools to effectively communicate with and persuade your legislator. 


*UPDATE: The legislature recessed and will be back this fall to consider redistricting legislation.

The 93rd General Assembly begins Monday, January 11, 2021. The session should end sometime in April or May. During session, lawmakers generally meet Monday through Friday. Find a schedule and more at


The Covid-19 pandemic has required changes be made to long-standing committee schedules and room assignments, in addition to requiring safety measures intended to keep the public, staff, and legislators safe. If you are visiting the Capitol, wear a mask, maintain social distance, and follow all posted guidelines and staff requests.

Call the in-session phone numbers for the chambers to leave a message for a legislator, and a “pink slip” (a note) is left on their desk. A stack of them can send a real message. Emails to legislators are also important. Each members' email address is listed on their contact page. 

The Arkansas State Capitol
500 Woodlane Street
Little Rock, AR, 72201
(501) 682-2345
Suite 350
501-682-6211 (In Session)
501-682-7771 (Out of Session)
Suite 320
501-682-2902 (In Session)
501-682-6107 (Out of Session)


  • Stay in touch with your legislators and let them know you are a constituent. 
  • Know your message and stick to it.
  • Refer to the bill number if you can.
  • Be concise, polite, and to the point. Make your ask! ("Please vote for/against ...")
  • Every communication should include a call to action and/or request for their position. 
  • If your legislator votes with you, thank them. If they don’t, politely express your disappointment.

The Senate generally convenes at 1:30 PM each afternoon unless otherwise specified. A live video stream is available on the Senate website

  • 35 Members: 28 Republicans, 7 Democrats
  • President Pro Tem: Senator Jimmy Hickey, Jr. (R-Texarkana)
  • Majority Leader: Senator Scott Flippo (R-Bull Shoals)
  • Majority Whip: Senator Mat Pitsch (R-Fort Smith)
  • Minority Leader: Senator Keith Ingram (D-West Memphis)
  • Minority Whip: Senator Larry Teague (D-Nashville)

The House of Representatives is located on the north end of the third floor. The House gallery, generally available to the public, is on the fourth floor. The House generally convenes at 1:00 PM each afternoon unless otherwise specified. A live video stream is available on the House website.

  • 100 Members: 78 Republicans, 22 Democrats
  • Speaker: Rep. Matthew Shepherd (R-El Dorado)
  • Speaker Pro Tem: Rep. Jon Eubanks (R-Paris)
  • Majority Leader: Rep. Austin McCollum (R-Bentonville)
  • Majority Whip: Rep. John Payton (R-Wilburn)
  • Minority Leader: Rep. Tippi McCullough (D-Little Rock)
  • Minority Whip: Rep. Denise Garner (D-Fayetteville)

More links and information can be found on our legislative resource page.